Understanding the Basics of Raw Cat Food in a Simplified Way!

A simple search on the internet yields thousands of results. So when you need to understand raw cat food based diet for your pet, you might end up confusing yourself. And as a pet owner your emotional bond with the pet is based on the care of your pet. This is why we all try to provide our pets the best things to ensure that they have a happy and healthy life.

One of the essential ways to do so is to ensure your cat has a healthy diet. Some of the owners prepare having store bought food for their pets. While some choose to make it on their own to ensure that they know everything in it. Yet, there are a third category of pet owners who choose raw cat food over everything else. So we are here today to help you figure out what is raw diet for cats, its benefits and why your pet needs it.

What is raw diet for cats?

A raw food diet for cats is sometimes referred to primal cat food or BARF Diet. BARF stands for biologically appropriate raw food or the bones and raw food diet. It mainly consists of raw/uncooked meat, organs and bones of muscles.

Why does your cat need primal cat food?

Cats are like their feline cousins are carnivores. They thrive on protein rich meat products which is also easy on their stomach. The reproductive system of cats was studied and it was found that their system has a short period of active digestion. This makes it difficult to digest carbohydrates as they need to be broken down into numerous components before they can be easily digested.

Having your cat eat food which is rich in protein ensures that you are supplying them with the right nutrients and ensuring that they are able to digest their meals easily. Thus, it is not surprising to know that this form of diet is also referred to as instinct cat food because of the way their body has been designed.

What are the benefits of having your cat eat raw food?

There are a lot of benefits of having a raw food diet for your pet cat. Some of them have been described in great details to help you make the right choice on behalf of your pets. They are as follows:

  • Preserving the nutrients

When you cook the meat for your pet, you inadvertently end up reducing the nutritional intake for the meal. This is because when you cook the meat, it results in loss of vitamins and minerals in it. Thus, having a raw diet ensures that the nutrients are preserved and you have a happy as well as healthy pet!

  • Boosting the energy levels of your pet

Every owner who has switched to raw food diet for their pet has noticed a substantial spurt in the energy levels of their pets. This is because of the high protein content in their new diet. Studies have also shown that it results in better weight management for the cats too!

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