The Pros and Cons of Raw Food Diet for Cats

There is always a debate about whether cat owners should opt for a raw food diet for cats or not.  A lot of people are turning to raw food whereas a lot of people are still wondering whether it is a good option or not. If you are wondering whether you should feed or cat raw food or not then you must look for the pros and cons of feeding raw food to your cat for better understanding.

The pros of feeding raw food to cats

The pros of feeding raw food to cats will help you in clearing all your doubts and making a wise decision for your fluffy friend.

Improves digestion

It is a well-known fact that cats are obligate carnivores. They have an acidic digestive system which is considered to efficiently process a meat-based diet. Sometimes, Cats having sensitivities do well when they are feed raw cat food containing single protein.

Better dental and teeth health

You must be amazed to know that chewing small raw meaty bones or meat is like a toothbrush in case of cats. So when you opt for a raw diet for cats you are helping your pet in getting clean teeth, stronger jaws and healthy gums. At the same time, you don’t have to bear with stinky cat breath anymore.

Healthier coat and skin

As a cat owner what is more relaxing and amazing to have a cat with a healthy coat and skin. The fatty acids found in raw food will help your cat in having healthy skin. It also helps them in having even shinier and softer furs. One common issue every cat owner faces is the shedding of fur and spends a lot of time in cleaning it from everywhere raw diet for cats will decrease the shedding by making it stronger. What else can you wish for as an owner of a fluffy cat?

Increase energy

Every cat owner wants to play and cuddle with their fluffy friend after spending a stressful day of work. Sometimes their cats don’t respond or play with them because they lack in energy. If your pet gets a perfect and balanced diet containing all the necessary proteins and nutrients they will be more energetic. Feeding raw food provide much more energy compared to commercial food available for cats. Don’t be surprised if your couch potato fatty furry becomes more active and playful after opting for raw food.

Less smelly poop

One of the common problems faced by the cat owners is the smell and the frequency of poop of their cats. Feeding raw food can also be a solution to this problem. If a cat gets perfectly balance of nutrients their body uses almost every bit of it. It means that they don’t have to poop frequently to eliminate waste. Another good thing is their poop will not smell. It can be considered as a bonus for many cat owners.

The cons of feeding raw food to cats

As everyone knows that every good thing has some negative aspects as the well the same thing goes with feeding instinct cat food. The cons of feed raw food to cats includes –

•    Fear of exposing to bacteria

•    Perceived high costs

•    Handling raw food

•    Difficulty in introducing the diet

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