How to Provide Proper Raw Diet to Your Pet?

When you have your favourite pet at home, maintaining a proper diet for the pet is necessary. Choosing a proper pet food for your cat is important. Most of the owners provide raw cat food instead of commercial food. Some even go for home cooked healthy food.

What is the meaning of Raw Diet?

When you are feeding the pet with bones and raw food which is uncooked meat containing animal muscle, organ meat and also bones, it is BARF. BARF also stands for biologically appropriate raw food. Experienced cat owners consult good veterinary nutritionists who help them in preparing a carefully designed healthy chart for the cat. Many owners choose to go for commercial food and many often prepare it themselves. If you are giving raw cat food to your pet, be sure to give balanced and proper raw food.

Why raw food for pets?

Well, human beings cannot digest raw food, hence go for cooking. Cats are carnivores and need meat in order to survive. They do not tolerate much vegetable or carbohydrate for their system. Meat has high protein and moisture diets that are rich in substances. This is necessary for the carnivore to survive as these substances include fatty acids, required vitamins, and good minerals. Most importantly it has taurine, which is essential for a cat.

Owners, who provide a raw diet for cats, believe that cooked food reduces and changes the vital substances. When a cat lives in wild, they hunt for mammals, birds and insects and rodents in order to live. When you are keeping the cat as your pet, it is necessary to equalize the diet.

Many owners say that if you provide the cats with raw food, there are certain health changes noticed in the pet, their teeth become shinier, their coats become fluffier, obesity is reduced and the pet remains in a good mood.

Is it safe to give Raw Diets?

While providing cat food, there are certain risks to be kept in mind. Primal cat food contains harmful pathogens which are risky and can cause infections to the pet. If you provide cooked food, this reduces the pathogens and kills the germs to some extent. Another fact is cats tend to digest raw food better than human beings since they have smaller and more acidic digestive tracts.

But the greatest risk of handling raw diet is that it can cause cross contamination. While giving primal cat food to the pet, the utensils, dishes, the cat’s face, and the cat’s waste is prone to pathogens. Therefore we suggest that raw food should be avoided to cats when you have patients, children or elderly person at home.

When there are bones in instinct cat food, ground them to pieces so that they do not get stuck inside the mouth of your cat. This causes airway obstructions, infections in the stomach and oral injuries too.

While providing the cat food, maintaining correct protein, calorie and nutrition are also necessary. Instead of providing as much meat as needed, provide balanced meat to your cat.

Ingredients in raw food

–    Raw grounded bones

–    Eggs

–    Supplements if needed and prescribed

–    Raw meat from organs and muscles such as as-poultry, fish or rabbits

To prepare the raw food diet for cats, use large boards for cutting, meat grinders, properly washed utensils, disposable gloves, freezer spaces, and proper storage containers.

It is necessary to provide comfort to your pet. Providing comfort not only means good care but a good and healthy diet too. Be happy and in a good mood with your pet every day!

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