Do’s And Don’ts for Your Dear Cats

Food is equally essential for all kinds of living creatures, be it human or animals. Feeding an animal becomes even more challenging when the animal is none other than our pets. From living in the wild to getting adapted in a domestic and dependable habitat, diet chart for pets demands a deeper analysis and study.

The study of such diet intake is mostly about what kind of appetite is most suitable for the kind of pets with respect to the various habitats and geographical weather. For instance, petting a cat involves diet mostly revolving around raw cat food. Thus, cooked food is not a smart option when it comes to our cats as well as their health.

What kind of diet is appropriate for cats?

Diets and supplements are required for one’s nutrition and therefore, health. Thus, to ensure that your cats stay healthy over a longer period of time, it is essential to create a raw and balanced diet chart to maintain a regular food diet for the pet.

One of the major questions when it comes to raw diet for cats is whether it should be cooked lightly or simply fed them raw?

Generally, cats are more prone to raw diet owing to their peculiar digestive system and acidic stomach. Thus, any kind of germs present in the raw food is ineffective when it comes to the body mechanism because the acid in their stomach works as a natural defensive mechanism for them.

Moreover, cats require more of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and moisture that are found in meat in abundant quantities. However, pathogens in meats are also a questionable point where humans find themselves conflicted whether to feed them cooked meat or not.

With their short and acidic digestive tract, cats have an easier as well as faster digestive mechanism as compared to human. However, there may be some who are rather sensitive to such pathogens.

Some prefer to cook the exact recipe while considering their vet’s pinion while some rely on instinct cat food more popularly known as BARF food i.e. ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ or ‘bones and raw food’. Users of the latter, which is found in the local retail shops have claimed that the raw food diet for cats ensure shinier coats, lack of obesity and better health. However, we cannot ignore the concerns of people who rather believe that raw diet can be pretty harmful when it comes to domestic, immunised cats.

While figuring out which is safer for our dear cats, it is always required to follow certain hygiene steps to prevent any odds and risking our pets’ health.

Remember: a proper diet is as essential as a grooming session.

Certain requirements are:

  • Sanitize the dishes and food bowls where food is served
  • Follow a clean and hygienic habit such as wearing gloves while serving the food
  • Buy the products from a reliable source
  • If cooked, make sure to prepare the primal cat food in a clean environment.

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