Are You Feeding Proper Raw Food To Your Favourite Pet?

We love pets. Today most of the people around the globe do have their lovely pet at home. It can be a dog, a parrot, a rabbit or can be a cute little cat. It is very important to give proper diet to the animal too. If we speak of carnivores pets such as a cat, it is necessary to give them food which has nutrition. While some people choose to depend on commercial food for the pet, some people also feed them with home cooked food. Other cat owners chose to feed them with raw cat food.

What is Raw Food for Pets?

Raw food means when you feed the cat with uncooked meat, muscle meat and bones of an animal. This food is high in nutrition and often termed as biologically appropriate raw food (BARF). In order to provide your cat with a proper raw diet, the cat owners can consult a good veterinary nutritionist who will prepare a chart and a recipe. The food should be balanced, good in nutrition so that you can feed your cat healthy diet. Often raw diet for cats is prepared by the owner himself.

Why is raw diet necessary?

Being carnivores, cats need to have meat in order to survive. Vegetables and carbohydrates are not so necessary for them. They can be provided with carbohydrates in a very less amount. Meat is such a food where your cat finds high protein diets well with substances.

Some cat owners who are believers of a raw food diet for cats say that when this meat is cooked, it decreases or changes the healthy substances. These raw substances have fatty acids, required vitamins and minerals, taurine and other important substances that are good for the cat.

When in wild, cats and the other carnivores hunt for small mammals and rodents in order to survive. But when you are keeping a cat as your pet, it is necessary to provide instinct cat food that matches the diet.

Is it safe to provide raw food?

Raw food carries with it some risky pathogens that can often lead to food poisoning if not cooked well. That is the reason; human beings cook their food too. In this process, pathogens are killed. Cats tend to absorb these raw diets better than human beings. The reason behind, they have more acidic digestive systems which are shorter too.

But there is fear of cross contamination too, especially when your cat is your pet. These dangerous pathogens in primal cat food remain on food dishes, on surfaces, around the face of the cat or in cat’s fecal. Therefore it is necessary to provide cooked food to cats living in homes have elderly people or children or any patient.

Important points to remember

We cannot eliminate or reduce all risks; still, there are certain points to be kept in mind while providing raw food diets for cat:

–    The food should be prepared in a closed and cleaned space of the house. Do not forget to clean it every day.

–    Use gloves when cooking or handling raw meat.

–    Always use a reliable source when adding ingredients to meat.

–    Always feed your cat in an area which is much easier to clean.

–    Wash the utensils and sanitize them immediately after feeding your cat.

It is better to be safe and keep your cat in a good and healthy diet. You will also notice a change in the mood of your favourite pet if you provide quality food diet for a cat.

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